Lee Kruse receives 2nd prize for oral presentation at HUB/IBMS/PAT Research Day

1 Oct 2017 - 12:30


Congratulations to Lee Kruse who was awarded the 2nd prize for oral presentation "Mathematical modelling of early stage engulfment of HIV into host cells" at the Postgraduate Research Day of UCT's Departments of Human Biology, Integrative Biomedical Sciences, and Pathology held on 27 Sep 2017.

Other presentations from the Mechanobiology Lab were delivered from Kevin Sack (oral) on "Realistic simulation of Algisyl-LVR™ treatment of a clinically-relevant large animal model of chronic ischemic heart failure" and Riham Ahmed (poster) on "Mathematical modelling of cell migration over a 2D planar substrate".

Kevin Sack (left) and Riham Ahmed presenting their research.