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Student Projects and Funding Overview


Student projects are offered for PhD and MSc degrees in Mechanobiology and in Biomedical Engineering. Degree research is usually undertaken as full-time theses without course work over a period of two years for the MSc and three to four years for the PhD. Some coursework will be part of the MSc in Biomedical Engineering in preparation for the research project. Additional courses can be included both for MSc and PhD students if deemed beneficial for the research project. More information on degrees is provided on the web page of the Division of Biomedical Engineering.

Topics for research projects are hosted in the key research areas of the Mechanobiology Lab. Students interested in pursuing a research project should contact A/Prof Tom Franz.


Prospective students are encouraged to apply for scholarships/fellowships from various funding sources well in advance to the anticipated commencement of the studies. Candidates should inquire with the relevant offices and the Mechanobiology Lab.

A selection of funding sources for scholarships and fellowships at MSc, PhD and post-doctoral level are given in this section. Use the side bar to navigate through these pages. In addition, links to general information sources are provided below for international and South African students.

Student support in form of bursaries, scholarships and fellowships has been received from the following sources.

  • Centre for High Performance Computing, South Africa
  • Claude Leon Foundation, South Africa
  • Department of Labour, South Africa
  • Harry Crossley Foundation, South Africa
  • International Society of Biomechanics
  • Medical Research Council, South Africa
  • National Research Foundation, South Africa
  • National Science Foundation, USA
  • Oppenheimer Memorial Trust, South Africa
  • Organization of Women in Science for the Developing World, Italy
  • University of Cape Town Research Committee, South Africa
  • Vredenburg Scholarship Committee, Johns Hopkins University, USA
  • Whitaker Foundation, USA

General Information