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Technical Reports

  • Computational modelling of mechanical fluid-structure interaction for a single cell: A feasibility study (Report CRU-BM-2013-01)
    Lancee GJ, Dubuis L, Davies NH, Franz T, 2013

  • Evaluation of the biocompatibility and mechanical properties of electro-spun vascular grafts in the rat circulation model (Report CRU-BM-2012-02)
    Verrijt L, Krynauw H, Koehne J, Bezuidenhout D, Franz T, 2012

  • Mechanical effects of soft tissue regeneration in electro-spun biostable polymeric scaffolds (Report CRU-BM-2012-01)
    Buescher J, Krynauw H, Bezuidenhout D, Franz T, 2012

  • Study of process parameters for electro-spinning of polyester-urethane scaffolds for soft tissue regeneration (Report CRU-BM-2011-01)
    Nelson E, Krynauw H, Bezuidenhout D, Franz T, 2011

  • Computational study of functional impact of hydrogel injection into post-infarction scar tissue (Report CRU-BM-2010-02)
    Macadangdang J, Miller R, Franz T, 2010

  • Processing and characterisation of polymeric biomaterials for tissue engineering and regeneration (Report CRU-BM-2010-01)
    Bruchmueller L, Krynauw H, Bezuidenhout D, Franz T, 2010 [full-text 3Mb]

  • Computational fluid dynamics investigation of wall shear stress as trigger of restenosis in stented coronary arteries (Report CRU-BM-2008-01)
    Chandrasekhar P, Franz T, 2008