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Theses and Dissertations

PhD Theses

  • Kevin Sack, Subject-specific efficacy prediction of mechanically motivated therapies for heart failure, PhD, 2018
  • Hugo Krynauw, Tailoring of the biomechanics of tissue-regenerative vascular scaffolds, PhD, 2016 [full-text]
  • Fulufhelo Masithulela, Computational biomechanics in the remodelling rat heart post myocardial infarction, PhD, 2016 [full-text]
  • Alfred Bogaers, Efficient and robust partitioned solution schemes for fluid-structure interactions, PhD, 2015 [full-text]
  • Mazin Sirry, Computational biomechanics of acute myocardial infarction and its treatment, PhD, 2015 [full-text]

MSc Dissertations

  • Jerry Sam, Development of a device for multi-modal mechanical manipulation of cells in 2D and 3D engineering environments, MSc (with distinction), 2018 [full-text]
  • Elizabeth Kruse, Studying the mechanics of enveloped viruses and their interactions with the host cell, MSc (with distinction), 2017
  • Nicolas Mandel, Mechanical 3D deformation of cells in hydrogel and fibrous scaffold environments, MSc, 2017
  • Stephen Jermy, 4D flow- and displacement-sensitive MR imaging of upper arm arterio-venous connections for haemodialysis, MSc, 2016 [full-text]
  • Rodaina Omar, Optimization of structural and mechanical properties of electro-spun biodegradable scaffolds for vascular tissue regeneration, MSc (with distinction), 2013 [full-text]
  • Peter Wise, Optimization of the hydrogel injectate therapy used in the treatment of myocardial infarction, MSc (with distinction), 2013
  • Renee Miller, A computational study of post-infarct mechanical effects of injected biomaterial in ischemic myocardium, MSc, 2012 [full-text]
  • Muhammad Saleh, Methods and adaptations required to perform small animal MRI scanning using a large bore human MRI scanner, MSc (with distinction), 2012 [full-text]
  • Mazin Sirry, Development of a Tissue-Regenerative Vascular Graft: Structural and Mechanical Aspects, MSc, 2010 [full-text]
  • Jordi Reddy, Development of a Physiological Flow Loop Simulator for Graft Compliance Testing, MSc, 2010 [full-text]
  • Hamman de Vaal, In Vivo Mechanical Loading Conditions of Pectorally Implanted Cardiac Pacemakers: Feasibility of a Force Measurement System and Concept of an Animal-Human Transfer Function, MSc, 2009 [full-text]
  • Helena van der Merwe, Development of a Numerical Tool for the Design Optimisation of Vascular Prostheses towards Physiological Compliance, MSc (with distinction), 2007 [full-text]
  • Aurelia Herrmann, Numerical Modelling of Cardiovascular Prostheses Comprising Autologous Tissue and Synthetic Structures, MSc, 2005 [full-text]

Honours & Final Year Dissertations

  • Winston Guess, Numerical Study of Fluid Dynamics and Structural Deformation in an Anastomosis of an Arterio-venous Haemodialysis Access Graft, BSc, 2010
  • Malebogo Ngoepe, Numerical Investigation of the Fluid Dynamics in Veins in Regions of Side Branches, BSc, 2009 [full-text]
  • Nicholas Schiller, Numerical Comparison of the Anastomotic Mechanics of Vascular Grafts with and Without Blood Flow and Fluid-Structure Interaction, BSc, 2007 [full-text]
  • Aiyaaz Dollie, Finite Element Analysis of an Artificial Blood Vessel with Helical Inner Surface, BSc, 2007 [full-text 9Mb]
  • Michael Schaefer, Numerical Investigation of the Mechanical Behaviour of Anastomotic Regions in Vascular Grafts, BSc, 2006 [full-text]
  • Helen Morrissey, The Effect of Aortic Wall Mechanical Properties on Compliance and Blood Flow through the Ascending Aorta, BSc, 2006 [full-text]
  • Itumeleng Pitiri, Development of a Linear Pump and Computer Control Interface to Simulate Blood Flow with Physiological Flow and Pressure Conditions, BSc, 2003 [full-text]
  • Dudu Mlotshwa, Development of a Device for the Measurement of the Compliance of Artificial Porous Blood Vessel and Native Veins before Implantation and after Explantation, BSc, 2003